Use the Freshservice mobile app to notify on-call agents and enable them to acknowledge, escalate, or resolve an incident. 

Set up the Freshservice mobile app

Download the latest version of the Freshservice mobile app from the Play Store or the App Store. 

How it works

1- See incident notification on the lock screen of your phone

2 - Visit the Notifications section to view the incident, from where you can choose to directly acknowledge or escalate the incident.


3 - Click on the incident to see the incident details. Choose to acknowledge, escalate, or resolve the incident.

4 - If you choose to acknowledge the incident, the system records the activity for others in the group to make a note of.

5 - Clicking on Show More would reveal details about who all responded to the ticket. The ticket is assigned to the agent who acknowledged it first.

6 - In case another agent in your group acknowledges the ticket, this is how it would be conveyed.

7 - In case multiple responder groups have been enabled, the on-call details will display all the teams and the number of agents who’ve responded at that point in time. Clicking on each of the groups would display the entire list of agents in each group and their status wrt the incident.