Viewing Freshservice subscription details

A Freshservice account admin can click on Admin --> Account Settings --> Plans & Billing. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > Account Settings > Plans & Billing.plans This launches a new tab showing all your subscription details. Account admin can view plan, add-ons, billing currency, period, payment information, and billing and shipping addresses from this page.

The left-section of the subscription details page shows the following:

  • Freshservice account details: View Freshservice account domain and launch your account by clicking on the arrow.

  • Subscription status: View the status of your subscription, such as “In Trial,” “Active,” “Canceled.”

  • Plan and licenses: The current plan and number of agent licenses.

  • Renewal period: Billing frequency for your subscription.

  • Cost and next billing date: The current subscription amount and the next billing date of your subscription.

  • Link to view invoices of this subscription: Click on “View invoices for this subscription,” which shows all the invoices of the current subscription. You can also check and download the invoice information such as invoice ID, generation and due date, status, amount due and invoice amount. 

  • Manage plan: Click on “Manage Plan” to modify your subscription.

The right-section of the subscription details page shows:

  • Addons: View addons and their license information. To manage add-ons, click on “Edit/Buy add-ons.”

  • Payment information: View and change the payment details for the current subscription.

  • Billing and shipping addresses: View and modify billing and shipping address.