Perform operations on account, users, envelopes and attach documents to your Freshservice tickets.


Orchestration apps let you automate repeatable tasks and actions that span across a diverse set of systems and applications using workflows. The list of actions supported for this app include:

User Management

  1. Create User

  2. Delete User

  3. Get User with Filters

Envelope Management

  1. Get Document ID by Name

  2. Get Custom Field ID

  3. Get Custom Field Value

  4. Set Custom Field Value

  5. Send Envelope

  6. Add Signer Recipient to Envelope

  7. Create Draft Envelope with Template

Document Management

  1. Attach Document to Freshservice Ticket Note


For the attachment actions, this app will temporarily store the DocuSign document on the Freshservice server. The document will be deleted as soon as the attachment attempt is completed.

Installation Instructions


1. Sign In to your Docusign account 

2. Go to "Settings"

3. On the left side panel under the "Integrations" section click on "Apps and Keys".

4. If you do not have an "App & Integration key" already. Click on, "Add App & Integration Key" and type in the desired name for the app.

5. On the next screen, in the "Authentication" section, 

i.   Select "Authorization Code Grant"

ii.  Click on "Generate RSA" and note down the "Private key". 

iii. Under the "Additional Settings" section, click on "Add URI", enter "http://localhost"    and click on "Save".

6. Once above steps are done. Edit the following URL:

https://account.docusign.com/oauth/auth?response_type=code&scope=signature impersonation&client_id=<your-integration-key>&redirect_uri=http://localhost

Replace the <your-integration-key> with the integration key of your app. Paste the edited URL in your web browser, a consent screen will appear, grant the consent by clicking on "Accept".

Note: the URL will be with "account-d.docusign.com" domain in case of a developer DocuSign account.

Installation Parameters

To find the installation parameters in Docusign. Go to "Settings", on the left side panel, under the "Integrations" section click on "Apps and Keys". 

  1. Account ID - Copy the "API Account ID"

  2. API Username - Copy the "API Username"

Once you copy the above parameters, click on "Actions" and then "Edit" for your app.

  1. Integration Key - Copy the "Integration Key"

  2. Private Key - This parameter should be copied when you are creating a new RSA keypair as mentioned under Prerequisites section point 5(ii)

  3. Is Production Account - This will be "true" if you're using a production account otherwise it'll be set to "false" in the case of a developer account.

The following two parameters are required for attaching documents to your Freshservice tickets as either a note or directly to a new ticket.

  1. Freshservice Domain - The domain of your Freshservice tenant. 

Example: demo.freshservice.com

  1. Freshservice API Key - Login to your Freshservice tenant. Click on your profile icon then "Profile Settings" on the right side pane, under "Your API Key" complete the captcha and copy your API key.