Perform operations on Onelogin users, groups and roles via the Workflow Automator.


Orchestration apps let you automate repeatable tasks and actions that span across a diverse set of systems and applications using workflows. The list of actions supported for this app include:

User Management

  1. Get User

  2. Create User

  3. Update User

  4. Delete User

  5. Lock User Account

  6. Logout User

  7. Add User Roles

  8. Remove User Roles 

  9. Reset Password Using Plaintext

  10. Set Password Using Salt and SHA

  11. Set User State

  12. Get Apps for User

  13. Get Roles Assigned To User

  14. Set Custom Attributes

  15. Lookup User By Email

               Group and Role Management

  1. Get Group By Id

  2. Get Role By Id


To install and authenticate the app you need to provide the following input:

  1. Config Name - The config name is the unique identifier for the account credentials added to the app

  2. Client Id

  3. Client Secret

  4. Region (US or EU depending on where your OneLogin account resides)


By default, the OneLogin account is provisioned in the US region and if paid specifically for the EU region then the account will be provisioned in that region.

Steps to create API Credentials (Client id and Client Secret) :

  1. Log in to your OneLogin Account Owner account.

  2. Click on Administration on the toolbar to go to the Admin panel.

  1. Go to Developers > API Credentials.

  1. On the API Access page, click on New Credential.

  2. Give your credential pair a meaningful name and select 'Manage all' from the list of scopes for the credentials.

  3. Click Save

  4. Copy your Client Secret and Client Id.

  5. Click Done.