Note: This feature is now in beta

Set up a well-oiled procurement management process in your organization with our one-stop solution to efficiently track and manage your assets from procurement to retirement.

With Freshservice’s integrated purchase order management, manage your purchases end-to-end from procuring assets to co-ordinating approvals. Procurement managers can create purchase orders to be sent out to vendors and manage approvals by bringing all key stakeholders on a single page. 

Getting Started

Where do I find it?

  • From the side bar, click on the inventory icon

  • Click on Purchase Orders to view all your purchase orders or to create one.

Setting it up

Freshservice’s purchase orders are pre-populated with default fields in a template that would suit most of your procurement needs. But if you want to capture additional information using the purchase orders you can do so by:

  • Navigate to the Admin Panel and click on Purchase Order Fields under Asset Management.

    • Customize your purchase order’s template by dragging and dropping the required fields.

    • You can also choose the fields that should be displayed in the PDF version of the purchase order. Check the Display in PDF checkbox for the fields you want to display

 in the PO’s PDF. 

Now that you're done setting up, go on and create your first purchase order.