Software Asset Management in Freshservice allows you to manage software assets present across your organization's network. If you had installed the Discovery agent or probe, a network-wide asset scan will fetch details of all the software in your network, which will then be listed under the Software module.

Accessing SAM

New accounts can access SAM by clicking on Assets from the left sidebar and choosing Software.

Note: SAM will be enabled for existing customers in the upcoming weeks. 

Software List Page

When you click on the Software module, you will be taken to a software list page where you will all the software that is scanned using the Discovery tools. 

The software list page will display the following details:

  • Software - Name of the software (As scanned from a device)
  • Status - The status of the software: Managed, Ignored, or Blacklisted
  • Category - Category of the software (eg. browser, operating system, design tools, etc)
  • Installation count - Total number of installations of the software in the organization network
  • Publisher - The name of the publisher. The publisher list updates the vendor catalog in Freshservice.

Note: Publisher information will be updated only if the software is scanned from a Windows device.

Software Details Page

When you click on a software from the list page, you will see the Software details page with the following details.

  • Installed machine
  • Version (Software version as discovered)
  • User 
  • Department 
  • Installation date (only updated for software in windows devices).

The Properties tab will give you details such as the name of the software, category, publisher and the status of the software.

Software Tab in the Asset Details Page

The Software Tab in each device has also been updated. Instead of CI / Non-CI, you will see a list of all the software in the device that links back to the Software detail page.

Predefined Views

In SAM, a software can be assigned to one of the following statuses:

  • Ignored - Software that isn't of prime importance. This includes updates, components, drivers, etc. 
  • Managed - Software you pay for and want to track regularly
  • Blacklisted - Software you don’t want users in your organization to use. You can also filter unauthorized copies of software and licenses by using the Blacklisted Software list to highlight them, which can then be removed by agents. 

Note: The software list page has a filter option that allows you to filter software based on the statuses mentioned above. 

Bulk Actions

You can select one or more software whose status or category you wish to change and choose the relevant option from the top left corner and the changes will be updated.

When updating category, you can search for and choose a category that is already available, or you can create one on the fly and assign it to the selected software.