Note: We've updated our pricing and packaging. This feature is available from Garden plan for customers who signed up before Nov 2nd 2020.

You may want to restrict access to your helpdesk and the support portals to users from certain domains. This way, only users from restricted domains will be allowed to log in (or sign up) and create tickets inside your helpdesk. 

This can be done using Helpdesk Restrictions:

  • Log into your helpdesk as an administrator
  • Go to Admin > Support Channels > Support Portal (In MSP mode, Admin > Support Channels > Support Portals > Settings tab)
  • Scroll down to the Email Domain Restriction section
  • By default, users from any domain can log in, signup or create tickets
  • When you chose "Users from specified domains", you can enter the domains whose users can create tickets and signup/log in

When you set up restriction based on domain:

  • The requesters that already exist in your helpdesk will be restricted automatically (Even if they are not part of a whitelisted domain)
  • The domains created by an admin will be restricted automatically
  • Tickets sent by domains that are not restricted will be dropped
  • If a non-restricted domain is added as a CC, it will be dropped (shown below)

However, tickets created by an agent on behalf of a requesters whose domain is not restricted will not be dropped. And the contact of the ticket requester will be whitelisted.