The fundamental question is what do customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT) measure? It is as simple as understanding how happy your customers are with the product or services they received. 

With CSAT as a built-in functionality in Freshservice, it gets easier to measure service desk efficiency and customer satisfaction with every support ticket. Once the survey is activated, you can set up reports and configure workflows to improve your service based on feedback.

How to Create a CSAT Survey?

  • Login to your Freshservice account, navigate to Admin -> Customer Satisfaction in Helpdesk Productivity.
  • Click on Create New, enter a suitable title and question for your survey.
  • For Number of Choices, choose the number of ratings you wish to include in your CSAT survey and for Modify the Order, choose how you want the ratings displayed in your requester’s inbox.
  • Once you edit the ratings, click the Add a follow-up question to add a question to any of the ratings to obtain specific feedback based on the requester’s response or you could directly click the Configure Thank You Message to add a thank you note.
  • Finally, choose the emails or replies you wish to include the customer satisfaction survey link and click Save & Activate.

Note: If you choose the option “Allow agents to add survey links to specific emails”, you can check the box Include Satisfaction Survey below the reply editor to send the survey for specific replies.  

In case you wish to activate a deactivated survey, you can switch on the toggle button in your survey and click Update. 

  • You can click the Preview option to make sure you have set things up correctly before you activate the survey.

  • You can click the Clone option to create a copy of an existing survey.

  • You can also click the Delete option to delete a survey. However, be mindful that deleting a survey will also wipe out all the underlying survey response data of that survey.

  • Once the survey is activated, you can set up Reports to capture various metrics based on survey ratings.

  •  You can also configure Workflows to send escalation e-mails to agents, so they can instantly get notified of poor ratings.

If you are using the Freshservice Arcade to gamify your service desk, you can offer points to your agents for every happy rating they receive. You can also motivate your team to drive better customer satisfaction by letting them compete for the "Customer Wow Champ" trophy. 

Heads Up

  • At a time, you can only have one active survey for your Freshservice account. The active survey will be attached with Ticket Resolution/Closure emails or Replies, based on your configuration.

  • The number of option choices for an existing survey that has already collected responses, cannot be altered. However, all other configurations can be modified.