The Customer Satisfaction Survey is a built-in functionality in Freshservice that can be used to directly measure service desk efficiency and customer satisfaction with every support ticket. Every time you resolve a ticket on your service desk survey to your customers asking them about their experience with the support agent. 

The satisfaction survey is embedded as a link in the response email your team sends out to customers. If you are an administrator, you can choose to send it out on four different occasions:

  1. When the ticket is closed
  2. When the ticket is resolved
  3. When the agent sends out replies to a ticket 
  4. When the agent chooses to send it out

Once you have configured your settings, the satisfaction survey will be sent out automatically by your service desk. Or if you have chosen option 4, the agents can use the checkbox below the reply editor to send the survey with specific replies. 

Please note that the survey will not be sent when the ticket is created by an agent.

At the end of the month, you can use the customer satisfaction report to see which of your agents have gotten the most number of happy ratings, and who hasn't been very helpful to your customers. This can help you define metrics in your support process more clearly and help you in training future support people based on results from the past. 


A quick guide to enable satisfaction survey:

  • Login to your support portal as an administrator.
  • In Admin, under Helpdesk Productivity, click on Customer Satisfaction.
  • Use the toggle to enable the survey.
  • Specify the survey link text that will be shown to your customers.
  • Choose when you want to send out the survey.
  • Click Save to save your changes.
  • Remember to tell your team about the survey.

If you are using the Freshservice Arcade to gamify your service desk, you can offer points to your agents for every happy rating they receive. You can also motivate your team to drive better customer satisfaction by letting them compete for the "Customer Wow Champ" trophy.