IT assets can be added to the Asset Management module in Freshservice through multiple channels. This includes:

  • adding them manually
  • importing from a CSV
  • barcode scanning using the mobile app
  • using the Discovery Probe or Agent to discover assets

Any asset discovered by the Probe or the Agent is considered a managed asset. The same goes for assets that are added using other methods and are later updated using the Discovery Agent.

From Garden plan, Freshservice allows you to add 100 managed assets for free. If you wish to add more managed assets, kindly take a look at the table to know more about our additional asset pricing. 

Asset count (Charged monthly)USDEUROGBPAUDINR
100 to 250$403030502500
Upto 500$756060904500
Upto 750$10080801206000
Upto 1000$1301001001507800
Upto 2500$25021019033015000
Upto 5000$50042037566032500
Upto 10000$65055050086042500
Upto 20000$1,000850750130065000

Of the assets added using the Discovery Probe, all assets except for “Software”, “Other Devices” and assets belonging to EBS are chargeable managed assets.

All assets in EC2 and RDS synced using the Freshservice AWS discovery (using the Freshservice AWS Integration), are chargeable managed assets.