The Freshservice Discovery Agent for Mac can be installed on all Apple laptops and Desktops and the Agent will then keep track of the assets by updating the device information to Freshservice. 

Installing the Agent in a single machine (Without Proxy)

  1. Go to Admin -> Discovery

  2. In Download Agent section, choose Mac

  3. Click Download Agent Button

  4. Extract the downloaded tarball file and change to the current directory to the extracted folder

  5. Double click the FS-Agent.pkg and follow the onscreen instructions to install the Agent

Installing the Agent in a single machine (With Proxy)

  1. Extract the tarball file downloaded from Freshservice into a new folder
  2. Create a new file named AdditionalConfiguration.json with the following content in it.
  3. Enter the required information in the double quotes. Leave the parameters empty if you do not need to provide values for a parameter
  4. Double click the FS-Agent.pkg and follow the onscreen instructions to install the Agent

Installing the Agent on multiple Mac devices using Remote Install Tool

  1. Follow the steps as in the installation for single machine to prepare the installer file
  2. Compress the folder into a tarball file and name it as required. Eg. FS-Mac-Agent.tar.gz
  3. Download the Remote Installer attached in this solution article and extract it to a folder, say "Freshservice".
  4. Create a text file, say COMPUTERS.TXT, in the same folder.
  5. Edit COMPUTERS.TXT and enter the list of Mac device names or IP addresses on which you need to install the Agent (one entry per line).
  6. Open Terminal and change the working directory to the folder "Freshservice/RemoteInstaller".
  7. Run the command (Required only once. Skip if you've done this on this machine before): ./ This will prompt you to install command line developer tools which require internet connection.
  8. Run the command: python “./FS-Mac-Agent.tar.gz” “./COMPUTERS.TXT”
  9. It will prompt you for common admin credentials of all the computers listed. The username and password need to be provided to install the Agent.
  10. Once done, the Remote Installer will start installing the Agent on all the computers in the list.
  11. If you wish to uninstall the existing agent from the remote machine and reinstall the agent again, use the option -f to forcefully install the agent. If this option is not used and there is an agent already installed in the device, the agent installation will fail. Eg. python “./FS-Mac-Agent.tar.gz” “./COMPUTERS.TXT” -f


- The remote machine should be enabled with Remote Login (System Preferences -> Sharing -> Remote Login)

- The remote installer script will use SSH and SFTP to complete the installation.

Support for OS Imaging and Disk Swapping (v3.2.0 onwards):

  • The Mac agent now supports OS Imaging and Disk Swapping. The Mac Agent can now be deployed across the organization as part of the OS Image. 
  • Even when the HD is swapped, the Mac agent will intelligently identify that the HD is swapped and will update the correct device information without creating duplicate assets or overwriting the incorrect asset in Freshservice.

More information on the Agent (supported OS, Prerequisites, download instruction... etc) can be found here.