Freshservice's integration with Dropbox allows easy and simple file sharing between your Dropbox account and your service desk. It lets users attach files from their Dropbox attachments into the ticket conversation. For example, it makes it easy for customers when they share a screencast video, or for agents when they forward a PDF invoice to clients. 

For an agent, the Dropbox folder which was originally linked to Freshservice (by the Administrator) shows up, allowing shared access to the entire team. On the other hand, each requester has to sign-in with their own accounts to attach their own files. Attachments made from Dropbox aren't stored in Freshservice and are directly hot linked from the original source, thereby removing file size restrictions and file upload difficulties for users.

Once the Dropbox app has been installed, an Attach from Dropbox button will show up in the new ticket form, and also while users try to reply to a ticket.
Quick Guide to setting up the Freshservice-Dropbox Integration:

1. To get started, go to the Dropbox Developers page, and select the App Console Op.

2. Select the Create app option from the top right hand side and select Drop-Ins app. Then enter your App Name and select create app type in your support URL under Domains (for eg. or ) and click on Create

3. From the following page, make sure that your app status is enabled. Copy the App Key on to your clipboard to be used in the next step. 

4. Go to back to Freshservice Admin → Apps → Get More Apps.

5. Locate the Dropbox app and install it.

You will be taken to page shown below. Paste the App key you copied and click on Enable.

5. Once the integration is enabled, you’ll be able to attach files from Box to:


    • Tickets- Both Incidents and Service Requests

    • Ticket Responses

    • Ticket Notes

    • Problems

    • Changes

    • Releases

    • CMDB- Assets as well as Contracts

    • Solution Articles