The start and end time are the most vital aspects of a release. They will determine how long your services might be unavailable and any downtime your users might face. You must define them well before you go on and roll out your release. 

In Freshservice, you must define specific start and end dates for your releases. This will denote the time when you will start working on the release and getting things ready. Besides you also need to mention the start time and end times, which will refer to the exact time you are rolling out the release. 

Planning the release well ahead will also give your team an idea of whether they will have time to push more changes through. Consider creating an announcement about the release so that word reaches agents quickly.

To add a start/end date and time 

  1. Click the Release button on the left pane. The view page will consist of your new and open releases by default. To select a different view, click the Releases dropdown and choose one from the list.
  2. Click on a Release
  3. Under Release Properties on the right side of the page, click the date and time fields under Planned Start Date and Planned End Date.  
  4. Select the date and time and fill in the required information such as Status, Priority, and Release Type
  5. Click Update to save changes.

Editing the release start date and end date