The integration between Freshservice and GoTo Resolve offers agents an effective way to access and manage the requester’s desktop to troubleshoot and solve issues faster. Agents can now initiate a remote session and gain access to the requester’s desktop directly through the widget from the Freshservice ticket console.



The following are the prerequisites for installing GoTo Resolve integration with Freshservice
1. Admin level access for the Freshservice account
2. Active GoTo Resolve account license and login details

**Note**: If you are creating a new client on GoTo Resolve, please add the following URL as the redirect URL:

How to install and activate GoTo Resolve integration in your Freshservice account

  1. Go to Admin, search for Apps. Click on the Apps section. 

  2. Once the marketplace opens, search for GoTo Resolve. Click on it to open the app listing.

  3. Click on Install. It will take you to the configuration section.

  4. Enter your Freshservice domain name and API key. And enter your GoTo Resolve Client ID and Secret.

  5. Click Install to complete the installation.

You will now be able to access the GoTo Resolve tickets when you open any ticket.

How to initiate a remote session with GoToResolve

1. Open any ticket from the ticket dashboard.

2. Click on the GoTo Resolve icon from the right vertical panel. It will take you to the GoTo Resolve widget located within the ticket page.

3. The GoTo Resolve widget window showcases an option to Create a support session, refresh the widget, and the last session overview. Click on the Create a support session button.

4. The app will create a remote session and display the joining link and URL to be shared with the guest.

5. Use the copy URL option to copy and send the joining URL details to the ticket requester.

6. Click on the Generate request reply button to send the joining details to the requester through email.

Joining a remote session

After you initiate a remote session, click on the Join Meeting button displayed in the widget to join the session.

How to remotely take control of the requester’s device

There are two options through which an agent can access the end-user’s device.

The agents can choose one of the below options from the GoTo Resolve’s dashboard

Option 1: Remote Control

This option allows the agent to remotely access and control the end-user’s device. The end-user will have to download and run an application to facilitate this.

Option 2: Remote Access

This option allows the agent to remotely access and view the end-user’s screen.

How can agents end the remote session

Agents can end the remote session by clicking on the Close button in the GoTo Resolve dashboard.

Where can agents find the remote session summary

After a session is closed, the session summary containing the session duration gets added as a note to the corresponding ticket. The information can be found under the details tab of the ticket screen.

How can requesters join and end the remote session

Requesters can click on the URL shared by the agent to join the session. It will take them to a landing page that carries the details of the agent who initiated the session. They click on ‘Accept’ to join the session.

The requester can end the session anytime by click on the End session button.