The integration between Freshservice and ServiceDesk Plus offers service management teams enhanced visibility and efficiency when collaborating with multiple stakeholders. Admins can seamlessly create, update, and sync tickets between both systems using predefined recipes.

With the Freshservice and ServiceDesk Plus integration, agents can:

  • Create and update incidents between Freshservice and ServiceDesk Plus

  • Create and update service requests from Freshservice to ServiceDesk Plus

  • Map custom fields across both systems

  • Select tickets for sync based on specific conditions

  • Define the workspace for tickets to be added or mapped from

  • Sync conversation notes



You need to have an active ServiceDesk Plus account. You will need your login credentials to enable this integration.

Every account administrator within Freshservice can initiate this integration.

Installation and configuration

  1. Go to your Settings. Search for Apps using the search bar. 

  2. Click on Connector Apps. From the list of apps, click on ServiceDesk Plus Connector. 

  3. Install the app by clicking on the ‘Install’ button and you will be directed to the configuration page.

  4. Enter the Domain URL and the API Key to connect your Freshservice account. Click Next.

  5. Enter your Client ID, Client Secret, Data Center, and Portal name to connect your ServiceDesk Plus account. Click Connect and you will be taken to a page to authorize Freshservice to access data from your ServiceDesk Plus account. Click Accept, you will be redirected back to the Freshservice dashboard.

  6. Once the connection is established successfully, click Install.

How to check the list of all available recipes

  1. After installation, go to Settings > Connector Apps. You will see your installed ServiceDesk Plus Connector app listed here. You have two options here
    a. Configure App: Use this to edit the default recipes, view Overview dashboard metrics, and configure your Widget settings. These are explained in the upcoming section.

b. Settings: If you wish to go back to your configuration page and disconnect or re-authenticate ServiceDesk Plus or Freshservice use this option.

  1. Click on the Configure App option. It will take you to a tab with Overview and Recipes. 

  2. Click on the Recipes tab. It will show you a list of all the available recipes

List of all the default recipes available

Here is the list of all default recipes available for the Freshservice integration with ServiceDesk Plus



ServiceDesk Plus to Freshservice Incident Creation/Updation

Create a new Incident ticket or update an existing one on Freshservice whenever an Incident ticket is raised on ServiceDesk Plus

Freshservice to ServiceDesk Plus - Sync notes

Add a conversation note to the ServiceDesk Plus ticket whenever a note is added to the corresponding ticket in Freshservice

Freshservice to ServiceDesk Plus SR ticket creation & update    

Create a service request or update an existing one on ServiceDesk Plus whenever a service request is raised on Freshservice

Freshservice to ServiceDesk Plus Incident ticket creation & update

Create an incident or update an existing one on ServiceDesk Plus whenever an incident is raised on Freshservice

How to preview, edit, activate, and stop the recipe 

You will be able to preview, edit, activate, and stop the available recipes.

Preview recipe: 

Click on the Preview button next to the recipe that you want to view. The recipe window will open and you will be able to view the steps involved in the recipe with pre-configured triggers, actions, and conditions.

On the left-hand panel, you will be able to view the Recipe status, jobs executed, dependencies, and activity timeline.

Start recipe: 

You can activate the recipe in two ways:

  1. From the main recipe page, click on the Start button corresponding to the recipe you want to activate

  2. Click on the Preview button. Within the recipe window, you will see an option to Start the recipe.

Edit recipe:

Follow the below steps to edit the recipe:

  1. Click on the preview button next to the recipe to open the recipe window.

  2. If the recipe is active, stop the recipe by clicking on the Stop Recipe button. Now click on the Edit recipe button.

Stop recipe:

You can activate the recipe in two ways:

  1. From the main recipe page, click on the Stop button corresponding to the recipe you want to stop

  2. Click on the Preview button. Within the recipe window, you will see an option to Stop the recipe.

How to customize a recipe:

Each recipe has the following components: Trigger, Actions, and Conditions. You can customize any part of the recipe depending on your specific use case by just clicking them.

Let’s take one of the default recipes as an example and see how you can customize it further.

Recipe - Freshservice to ServiceDesk Plus Service Request creation/update


The trigger acts as the starting point for any recipe. For this recipe, the trigger is a new service request created in Freshservice. You can customize the trigger in the below mentioned ways.

  • You can either add optional fields or add a trigger condition. For example - you can choose the workspace which the trigger will listen to.
  • You can view the list of optional fields available for the particular trigger by clicking on the ‘optional field available’ button.
  • The trigger condition can be added by clicking on the ‘+’ option below the trigger conditions section. You can select if you want to set up an AND or OR condition.
  • You can set the trigger data by choosing from a list of available attributes. For example - you can set the priority of the ticket as one of the conditions.


The condition acts as a checkpoint within the recipe flow and executes a specific set of actions based on the condition matched. The recipe checks the ServiceDesk Plus account to see if the ticket already exists in the system. You will be able to check and edit the following conditions.

  • The data field and the value to be checked for any particular condition. You can pick the data field from a list of available attributes and set the value that needs to be met. For example - you can set the condition as ‘execute only if the impact value of the ticket is less than 2’.


The recipe performs a specific set of actions based on the conditions specified. Based on the conditions mentioned above, the recipe either adds or updates the change ticket on ServiceDesk Plus. You can customize the following parts of the action:

  • You can choose to perform any action from the existing set of actions available under the ‘All Actions’ tab.
  • You can map values from the ServiceDesk Plus ticket records to the corresponding fields in Freshservice. 
  • Default fields can be mapped directly and user-defined fields can be mapped through a specific section.
  • You can add more fields from the available set of optional fields 

After making all the necessary changes, you can save the recipe directly or test the recipe first to check if it is working correctly.

How to check failed recipes/jobs

To view and troubleshoot the reason for a failed job under a recipe please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on the Preview button of the specific recipe from the main recipe page.

  2. In the recipe window, navigate to the Jobs tab

  3. You will see the list of all the jobs executed under a particular recipe here

  4. You can filter to check just the failed jobs by using the Status filter on the top panel

  5. You can click any particular job to view further details about how the job was executed.

  6. If you click on a job that has failed, you will be able to view the error details that will help you identify the cause of failure

  7. You can resubmit the job once you review and fix the issue. 

Overview dashboard

The Overview tab also helps you understand the total number of tasks that you've consumed (based on which your billing for the app will happen). It also helps you have a consolidated view of the number of successful job vs. failed jobs for a given recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are tasks? And how is that relevant for billing and payment when the customer starts using the live app?

A task is any operation that happens between two apps. Ex: To create a service request in ServiceDesk Plus when a service request is created in Freshservice, 1 task is consumed to check if there is an existing service request on ServiceDesk Plus with the same Freshservice ticket ID and 1 task is consumed to create or update the service request.

  1. Is there a possibility to trial the integration once it's live?

Yes. You will be given 500 tasks for free to trial any connector app. Once your 500 tasks have been consumed, you can purchase the add-on to get additional tasks.

  1. How will I monitor my task consumption?

You will be able to see the available tasks & tasks consumed from within the overview dashboard in the app. You will get an email whenever you are close to consuming all your tasks.

  1. What happens when I consume all my tasks?

Once you exhaust this limit, all your workflows will stop working. If you are signed up for auto-recharge, there will be an auto-purchase of tasks once all tasks have been consumed so there’s no delay in service.

  1. How do I pay for these tasks? What is the price point for the apps under Connector Apps?

$80 recurring add-on for 5000 tasks. You can buy multiple packs and it will be tied to your parent billing period.

  1. How can customers purchase additional packs for the data sync app?

Customers can purchase the add-on via the subscription page or by reaching out to their CSM/Support.

  1. Will my additional pack be carried forward?

No. All additional packs have validity until the end of your billing cycle regardless of the date of purchase.

  1. Does the session expire every month?

Tasks refresh at the end of the billing cycle. The number of tasks depends on what you have purchased.

  1. Do I have to purchase tasks for each app under Connector Apps separately?

No, the tasks can be consumed across multiple apps that you use.

  1. What happens in case a sync fails?

Failed jobs will be available on your customer dashboard. We can also investigate it from our end and ensure that the error is fixed and your data is up to date.

  1. Who do I reach out to if I have any queries regarding these apps? 

You can reach out to Our team will evaluate your requirements/query and get back to you.