Freshservice now offers a dedicated app both in App store and Play store to support Microsoft Intune endpoint management solution. This article explains how to configure and deploy “Freshservice for Intune” mobile apps. 

Initial setup

This setup requires admin permissions in Microsoft Intune and Entra ID. The below steps are the minimum requirements to set up the Freshservice for Intune mobile apps. Admins can add/modify app protection policies, configuration policies and conditional access policies later on, as per their requirement.

Step 1: Add App Protection Policy

Your organization users can only register and sign in once App Protection Policy is applied. This ensures that access to Freshservice for Intune apps is only granted to users with the necessary security settings provided by Microsoft Intune.

  1. In Microsoft Intune admin center, navigate to Apps -> App Protection Policies.

  2. Create a separate policy for each mobile platform. We support both iOS and Android platforms.

  3. Add Freshservice for Intune app to your policy from the list of public apps and configure the necessary settings.

  4. Assign the policy to the group(s) that you intend to target.

  5. Review and create the policy.

Step 2: Grant consent via the Freshservice for Intune mobile app

  1. Open Freshservice for Intune mobile app from an Android/iOS device and login with your Microsoft Entra account.

  2. Once login is successful, you will get a Consent prompt. 

  3. Review and select accept.

  4. Ignore the error dialog displayed. This step will allow the Freshservice for Intune app to appear for proceeding with Step 3.

Step 3: Grant admin consent via the Microsoft Entra admin center

  1. In Microsoft Entra admin center, navigate to the Applications -> Enterprise applications -> All applications.

  2. Search for ‘Freshservice for Intune’ and select the same.

  3. Navigate to the Permissions tab.

  4. Click the Grant admin consent button, you will get a Consent prompt.

  5. Review and select accept.

Deploying to user mobile devices

For iOS devices, you’ll need Freshservice for Intune app installed on the device. while for Android devices, you’ll require Freshservice for Intune app along with Company Portal app installed in the device.

Troubleshooting device registration issues

Your organization users registering their devices for Freshservice for Intune may experience issues like an app crash, error message getting displayed, etc. 

To address these issues, ensure that a Microsoft Intune or Entra admin confirms the following configurations on the Microsoft side,

  1. Ensure that you’ve granted admin consent in the Microsoft Entra admin center.

  2. Ensure that enough time is given for any policy change to sync with the user’s device.

  3. Ensure that the App Protection Policy is assigned to the user’s group. 

If you continue to face any issues, feel free to reach out to us at