Note: This article is on the new Sandbox which is being rolled out for Enterprise plan customers in batches currently. For Freshservice's current Sandbox version click hereClick here to learn more about its phase-out plan.

1. Which plans can access Sandbox?
Sandbox is reserved exclusively for Enterprise customers.

2. Does Sandbox have an expiry?
No, Sandbox is available perpetually unless deleted.

3. How many Sandboxes can an enterprise customer get?
Each enterprise customer gets one Sandbox for free.

4. How is the new Sandbox different from the outgoing version?
Below are a few differences between the outgoing version and the newer version of Sandbox

Outgoing Sandbox version

New Sandbox version

Sandboxes are created separately at a workspace level.

Sandbox creation is a one-click operation. All the workspaces in the Production will be copied to the Sandbox by default. 

Sync is All or Nothing.

Configurations can be selectively chosen to sync.

Sync is always unidirectional (from Sandbox to Production).

Sync is bi-directional. A sync from Production to Sandbox is also possible. 

Workspaces cannot be created in Sandbox. 

Workspaces can be created in Sandbox and then synced back to Production.

5. Who can create a Sandbox?
Only admins with Play god permissions can create Sandboxes. 

6. How long will it take to create a Sandbox, and how will I know if it is successful?
Sandbox creation typically takes a few minutes to several hours, depending on the size of your Production account. The admin who created the Sandbox will receive an email about its creation. 

7. Is Sandbox a copy of my Production?
No, Freshservice supports copying most of the modules. However, a few modules we do not support in the Sandbox will not be copied during the creation. You can view the full list here.

8. What happens to those modules that are not copied? Can I still try them out in the Sandbox?
You’re free to explore unsupported modules in the Sandbox, too. However, remember that you cannot sync those changes back to Production.  


9. What happens if there are issues while creating Sandbox?
Freshservice will make up to 3 attempts to create your Sandbox and notify you via email. You can retry after a few hours or contact support.

10. Can I create a Sandbox of a Sandbox?
No. At the moment, Sandbox is always a copy of your Production account.

11. Who can access Sandbox?
All admins and agents can access and log in to Sandbox. Additionally, requesters with the SaaS management add-on can log in to the Sandbox account. 

12. How can I access Sandbox? 
Sandbox can be accessed through the Admin > ‘Sandbox’ tab or via a unique URL (generated based on your Sandbox’s name). 

13. Can non-IT agents access the Sandbox?
Yes, business agents can access Sandbox. 

14. Can occasional agents log in to Sandbox?
No, as of now, occasional agents cannot log in to Sandbox accounts.

15. What does my Sandbox URL look like?
Freshservice uses the name given to the Sandbox at the creation time to construct the URL. For example, If your account URL is, the Sandbox (named ‘Dev’) will have the URL
Note: The Sandbox URL remains unaffected by the changes made to the name field later.

16. How can I edit the URL of my Sandbox?
You can't modify the Sandbox URL. Deleting the current Sandbox and creating a new one with your preferred name will change the Sandbox URL.

17. What other parameters of Sandbox can I edit?
Only the name and description of the Sandbox can be changed.

18. How do users know if they are in a Sandbox instance? 
A banner at the top of the UI indicates whether the current instance is a Sandbox and displays the name of the Sandbox. For example, the banner reads, ‘You are in the Dev sandbox’.

19. Can new agents be added to Sandbox?
New agents can be added to Sandbox and synced back to Production as long as enough licenses are available.

20. If requesters are copied conditionally (if they are referenced in some configurations), how can I copy all my requesters to the Sandbox?
The non-referenced requesters can be added to the Sandbox using export-import functionality.

21. Can I try marketplace apps on the Sandbox?
Yes, you can try the free apps on Sandbox. Purchasing paid apps on Sandbox is not supported. 
Note: Syncing apps from Sandbox (free/ paid) is not supported.

22. Who can delete a Sandbox?
Admins with Play god permissions can delete a Sandbox. 

23. What happens when you delete a Sandbox? 
Deleting a Sandbox is irreversible; all data and configurations are permanently lost. 

24. Are there any limitations on data added to Sandbox?
Yes. Refer to the table below for details on such data limits:    

Data Type

Max. Limit 

















Solution Articles













Standard asset pack limit on enterprise plan

25. Why are limits set on data that is not copied by default?
Freshservice sets limits on data that is not copied by default in Sandbox for two key reasons:

  • The primary purpose of Sandbox is to serve as a test environment, and the established limits are adequate for such use cases.

  • Freshservice aims to optimize customer resource usage, and regulating data limits helps safeguard our systems from potential abuse.

26. What happens when the above data limit is reached?
You cannot create more TCPR (tickets, changes, problems, and releases) data unless some of it is deleted. 

27. What happens to the Sandbox if I downgrade from the Enterprise plan to any other plan?

Sandbox is deleted instantly, and all data and progress made in Sandbox is lost.

What are the add-ons supported in Sandbox?
Below is a summary of add-ons and their behaviors in Sandbox.


Copied during sync?

Sync supported?

Business Agents


Not Applicable

Occasional Agents

Yes, only agents are copied, not day passes.

No. Occasional agents cannot log into Sandbox.

Project management

Configurations are not copied from Production.


SaaS Mgt

Configurations are not copied from Production.


API pack

No. Sandbox gets the same limit as the Enterprise plan by default.

Not Applicable

Orchestration pack

No, Sandbox gets the same limit as the Enterprise plan by default.

Not Applicable

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