To ensure that you get both Cloud Discovery and Orchestration capabilities in a single Cloud Management app, the AWS EC2 - Orchestration app will be discontinued on Nov 5th, 2024.

Why is the AWS Orchestration app being discontinued?

The new AWS Cloud Management app merges capabilities of both Cloud Discovery and Orchestration. This app can help in:

  1. Discovering cloud assets and showing them on the Cloud Discovery page in Freshservice

  2. Performing actions on assets sitting in the Cloud Discovery app

What will change after this discontinuation?

You will not have access to the AWS EC2 - Orchestration app. Workflows built using this app will stop working.

Who will be impacted by this discontinuation?

If you use the AWS EC2 - Orchestration app (for cloud asset actions and custom workflows), you will be impacted by this discontinuation.

What should you do?

You can install the new AWS Cloud Management app and uninstall the AWS EC2 - Orchestration app. 

If you have workflows that use nodes from the Orchestration app, replace them with new nodes from the AWS Cloud Management app.

How can I replace existing app nodes from the Cloud Discovery app in my custom workflows?

1) Navigate to Admin Settings > Workflow Automator
2) Choose your workflow.

3) Select the App node that uses AWS EC2 - Orch.

4) Change the app from AWS EC2 - Orchestration to AWS Cloud Management along with its corresponding app action. Click on Done.

5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all App nodes that use AWS EC2 - Orch.

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