For details on sharing tickets with requesters, click here

Facilitate seamless collaboration between agents and requesters by enabling ticket-sharing capabilities. This article provides step-by-step instructions on configuring ticket-sharing settings and effectively sharing tickets with agents.

Sharing Tickets with Agents:

  1. On the ticket details page, locate the share button.

  2. Click the share button to open a dialog box with a search bar for selecting agents to share the ticket with. Alternatively, copy the public link for sharing.

  1. After selecting agents, click the share button to confirm sharing. A list of shared agents will be displayed.

  2. To remove access for an agent, click the ‘Remove’ button next to their name.

  3. Alternatively, while writing a reply or note, @mention the agent. This action will prompt a dialog box for sharing the ticket with them if they do not have access to the ticket.

Viewing Shared Tickets:

Agents can access shared tickets by navigating to the Tickets Dashboard, selecting Ticket Views, and choosing ‘Shared with Me’ under Ticket views.

Configuring Ticket Sharing:

  1. Navigate to Global Settings > Security to configure ticket-sharing abilities.

  2. Additionally, access Workspace Settings > Email Notifications to configure email notifications for ticket sharing under ‘CC/Share notifications.’

  3. To automate ticket sharing with agents, choose ‘share ticket with’ as an action when configuring the Workflow Automator.