Note: This article is on the new Sandbox which is being rolled out for Enterprise plan customers in batches currently. For Freshservice's current Sandbox version click hereClick here to learn more about its phase-out plan.

Only play god admins can create, edit, or delete a Sandbox.

Access at workspace levels:

  1. In global settings - Only play god admins can access Sandbox.

  1. In workspace & restricted workspace settings - Only users with ‘workspace admin’ permissions can access Sandbox.

How are roles copied to the Sandbox?

All admins have their roles copied to the Sandbox by default. An admin has the same privileges in the Sandbox as in the Production instance. For example, A Play god admin in the Production will retain the Play god permissions in the Sandbox. In contrast, a workspace admin will only retain permissions specific to those workspaces. 

Note: Non-admin agents will not have access to Sandbox by default. Upgrading their roles to ‘admin’ (play god or workplace admin) gives them access to Sandbox.