To enhance the flexibility and robustness of ticket views, we're excited to introduce several new features to the ticket list view:


Now, you can easily organize ticket lists according to your preference. Simply tap on the headline to switch between ascending and descending orders.

Note: The followign fields are excluded and not sortable: State, Assigned To, Custom text fields, and Multi-select dropdown fields. 

Configure Records per Page:

Users now have the ability to customize the number of records displayed on a single page across all views. Choose from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 100 records, allowing for an efficient viewing experience.

Introduction of Advanced Filters:

To refine your ticket views further, we've categorized filters into 'Basic' and 'Advanced' sections.

Under the 'Advanced Filters' section, you'll find the following enhancements:

Additional Parameters Supported on Field Types:

  • Filter by field types now offers both 'includes' and 'excludes' options for specific fields like agents, status, etc, allowing you to create an exclusion list. 

  • Includes or excludes for ‘single or multi-select’ dropdown fields 

  • ‘Is’ the selected value for ‘checkbox’ fields 

  • On/Between/In the last/In the next for date fields

  • Equals/Not equals/Greater than or Equal to/Lesser than or Equal to for Number/decimal fields

  • Is/Includes/Excludes for Dependent fields

Note: Selecting the “is” parameter will let agents add the next level of filters. 

Match All or Any Conditions:

Selecting either 'all' or 'any' filter conditions allowing for more control over your ticket lists.

Association-Based Filters:

Introducing filters based on associations, enabling you to filter tickets based on Requesters, Associated Assets, Service Items, and Impacted Services. 

List of associated fields supported:

Service Item: Item name, Item Category

Requester: Department, Location, Group, VIP

Associated Asset: Name, Type, Managed By, Managed By Group

Impacted Service: Name, Type, Managed By, Managed By Group


1. Except for ‘Requester’, only one parameter can be chosen at a time for the rest of the associated fields. 

2. It will take a couple of seconds for the updated values to reflect in the list view.