With a new and improved ticket table view, you can increase your team efficiency with a robust and clutter-free user experience. We are modernizing the framework with a refreshing user interface that accelerates your application performance while making it accessible for everyone. Let's have a detailed understanding of what is changing in the ticket table view user experience :


Table loading indicator

The table loading indicator will be shimmer-based instead of spinner-based in the legacy version.

Star view

When you save the view to access a custom category of tickets promptly, you can easily add a star for your important views to save time to access.

Ticket filter

We have relocated the filter icon near the filter toggle for ease of access; the icon was away from the filter toggle button bar in the legacy version. To remove a selection in the filter, you have an "icon" present instead of the "any" option.

Assign to dropdown

Assign to dropdown is redesigned with group and agents tab.

Merge ticket flow

The "merge ticket option" will be available as a slider in the new version to improve consistency across the design. 

Execute scenario flow

The "execute scenario" flow will also be displayed as a slider to improve consistency across the user experience. We have added a new option for ease of access to create a new scenario on the slider.

Bulk update slider

The bulk update is available as a slider with add reply —dropdownoption on top. Dropdown fields in a single line for clutter-free access. We have now clearly indicated group and agent fields as dependent fields.

Reply and add note button.

We have introduced a "reply" and "add note" button in the subject hovercard.

Row indicator

Row indicator has been introduced in the table, and it will move based on the up/down arrow keys when performing keyboard shortcut actions.

Apply filter button and other enhancements in Filter option 

We have introduced the "apply filter" button to improve accessibility. We have added a reset option in the filter. Now you can also search fields for ease of access.

Column customizer dropdown

We have introduced two panes for selection and customization for clutter-free access.

Compact and default view preference

We have introduced compact view preferences to access more tickets in a single view; the default view will restore tickets accessible per page as per legacy view. Column customizer setting is placed on table header row.

Export tickets

Now "export ticket" detailed configuration is available as a slider to improve design consistency.

Canned response 

a Canned response on Bulk reply now depicted as an icon with a tooltip.

Displayingdisplaying the content canned response list has been redesigned as an accordion, with content getting displayed right inside instead of a new page.

Export Ticket

Now experience modern design with the Ticket export icon instead of the text link available in the legacy version.

Date range picket is present in a single unified field to start and end date.

File saving option (with unsaved changes)

When you create a new view of tickets, you will be able to acknowledge faster than the legacy ticket view that the ticket bucket is yet to save with an orange highlight. 

We will add further updates on ticket table view in the solution article based on recommendations.Please write to us at support@freshservice.com for any troubleshooting related issues.