What is Freddy Copilot

Freddy Copilot provides AI-assistance to increase agent productivity, automate responses, and drive consistency of services across the team.

Availability: Pro and Enterprise plans

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How do I purchase the add-on?

  1. Head to Admin > Plans and Billing on your Freshservice account (or) to Neo admin center. 

  2. Head to subscriptions and click on the account for which you want to purchase Copilot licenses

  3. Under active add-ons, click on Activate plan and buy add-ons (for trial accounts) or Edit / Buy add-ons (for paid accounts).

  1. Select Freddy Copilot under add-ons. Add the number of licenses required and click on Confirm / Update subscription to proceed with adding payment details to purchase. 

How do I manage add-on licenses?

Access to Freddy Copilot and Freddy Insights can be managed from within agent roles. Licenses can be assigned to agents with both default and custom roles.

How do I do it?

  1. Navigate to Admin > Roles (Under user management)

  2. You can either create a new role or edit an existing one. 

  3. Under Permissions navigate to the Freddy AI section. 

  4. Select Access Freddy Copilot and proceed to add permissions for Copilot capabilities that agents assigned with that role can have access to. 

Note: Selecting this will consume Copilot licenses for agents assigned to this particular role. One full copilot license will be consumed for access to even one feature.

  1. Select Access Freddy Insights to provide access to Freddy Insights for all agents assigned with this role. 

Note: Freddy Insights access is complimentary (applicable only during beta phase) and will not consume any Copilot licenses. Before GA, Freddy Insights access could be enabled from Admin roles by selecting View Insights. Moving forward, when you purchase the Copilot add-on, the permissions will be available under the Freddy AI section for all agent roles and you will need to reconfigure access accordingly.

Points to note

For customers with multiple workspaces: If you have multiple workspaces enabled, copilot access configuration has to be done in individual workspaces. Only one copilot license will be consumed for the same agent across multiple workspaces. 

For paid Enterprise plan customers who signed up before November 10th: 

  • Similar incident suggestions and Ticket Field suggester will continue to be a part of their plan and will not require copilot licenses. Access to these features can be assigned from under the Tickets tab under permissions within a role. 

  • If you purchase the copilot add-on, you can continue to assign access to these features from the Tickets tab without utilizing licenses. Only when access to these features is enabled from the Freddy AI tab, licenses will be consumed. 

For trial customers:

Starting January 24th, Freddy Copilot will be available for purchase but will be available to explore during your free trial. But access to Copilot capabilities will have to be configured from roles and permissions.