Agents often look for references and best practices to resolve tickets. Resolution Notes are internal documents that detail the steps to reproduce an issue, the troubleshooting process, and other relevant information. They're incredibly helpful for assisting agents with similar problems.

With Freshservice, agents can create detailed resolution notes for each ticket. For customers utilizing the Freddy Co-pilot addon, we've built the capability of an AI-powered resolution note generator. This feature encapsulates the root cause, actions taken, and the final resolution, ensuring quick references and elevating your service delivery to new heights. 

Follow the below steps to create a resolution note: 

  1. Navigate to the ‘Resolution’ tab or click the ‘Add resolution’ button on the right pane. 

  1. The resolution tab opens. 

With Freddy co-pilot add-on

  1. Click on the ‘Generate resolution’ button to create a resolution note. 

  1. Freddy AI will generate a resolution note with the root cause, actions taken to resolve, and the resolution. 

  1. Click on ’Add’ to insert the generated resolution to the ticket. 


    Without Freddy co-pilot add-on

  1. Once the resolution tab opens, you can manually create the resolution note and click on ‘Add’. 

Actions on the resolution note field:

Hiding/Mandating/Disabling resolution note field: 

Navigate to business rules and create a new business rule to mandate, hide, or disable the resolution note field under the resolution tab. 

Please note that the 'resolution note' option will be visible under 'Actions' only when you choose 'Agents' in the 'Applies to' dropdown and choose 'Edit form' in the 'Execute on' dropdown. 

Reporting on resolution note field: 

The resolution note field will be available in the underlying data of ticket properties to choose from.

Mobile app:

Agents can access the resolution tab within ticket details in the mobile app, where they can view, add, edit, and delete resolution notes. Freddy will be supported for automatic resolution note generation along with business rule support. 

1. Navigate to the 'Resolution' tab on the ticket details page. 

2. Click on 'Add resolution note' 

3. The field will open up for recording a manual resolution note or click on the 'Freddy icon' for an automated resolution note using Freddy. (Applicable only for users with Freddy Copilot add-on) 

4. Click 'Add'. 

5. The resolution note will be appended to the ticket details page under the 'Resolution' tab. 

Please Note: 

  1. If you are currently using ‘resolution note’ as a custom field, you can switch to the ‘Resolution’ tab, as it allows you to add additional context with a rich text editor. 

  2. Adding a resolution note does not automatically change the ticket status to ‘resolved.’