Dark mode in Freshservice will be available starting the 22nd of December 2023 on both the web and mobile apps. This is a public beta release and will be available to all Freshservice users for activation.

Web Portal:

To activate the dark mode in your web portal, navigate to Profile > Theme > Dark.

Mobile App:

To activate the dark mode in your mobile app, navigate to Settings > Theme > Dark Mode. You will have to update the mobile app to the latest version to see this feature on the app. 

Things to Note: 

  1. Beta release: 
    Since this feature is currently in beta, some modules have not yet been modified to adapt to the dark mode. As of now, modules such as 
    Reports, Project Reports, Profile Images, and Marketplace will remain in the light mode even after dark mode activation.

  2. System default: 

To choose your preferred theme, navigate to the system default option to seamlessly integrate the theme with your device. This is available under the same settings mentioned above for the web agent portal and mobile app.

  1. Color palette: 
    We have also modified our color palette to further enhance your experience while using the light theme. 

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