The enhanced task list view is designed to provide agents with an improved task management experience. By mimicking the familiar tickets view page, agents can leverage various capabilities, such as filtering, sorting, and creating saved views. 

This article outlines the key features of the enhanced task view and guides you on optimising your task management workflow.

Accessing Tasks:

To access the task list, simply click on the tasks icon located in the left navigation bar. This will open a comprehensive list view of all tasks, giving you a clear workload overview.

Detailed Task View:

Click on the individual task for more in-depth information about a specific task. A detailed view will appear on the right side pane, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the task's details, including assigned resources, due dates, and more.

Filtering Tasks:

Efficiently filter tasks by clicking on the filter icon in the top right corner. This will open the right-pane filter menu, where you can apply various criteria to refine your task view. Filter tasks based on attributes such as priority, status, or assigned resources, ensuring you focus on the most relevant information.

Saved Views:

  1. Create saved views of filtered tasks. 

  1. Give the view a descriptive name and choose the visibility settings to share it with the necessary team members. This facilitates collaboration and ensures everyone can access the appropriate task sets.

  1. You can access the list of saved task views in the left pane. 

Sorting Tasks:

To organize tasks based on specific properties, utilize the sorting functionality. Tasks can be sorted by date created, status, or time, allowing you to prioritize and address tasks efficiently.