Important Note: This feature is currently accessible through public beta. The video serves as an illustration of the comprehensive capability; however, the functions for exporting conversations and initiating Teams meetings are currently unavailable within the beta version. These features are scheduled for release in Q1 2024.

Freshservice and MS Teams integration has been elevated further to enable real-time ticket collaboration. The collaboration feature brings complete context to MS Teams from within Freshservice, aiding faster resolution of tickets by aligning cross-functional teams and importing conversations from Teams into Freshservice for complete visibility. 

As a prerequisite to using the collaborate widget, you must have the following: 

  1. Install the service bot on MS Teams in addition to the integration of MS Teams with Freshservice (or) If the servicebot is already installed, the admin has to upgrade the bot to use collaboration. Navigate to Admin -> Collaborate -> MS Teams and click on the Install/Upgrade button. 

  1. Agents initiating a new conversation through the collaborate widget for the first time will be prompted to do a one-time authorization for the bot to create a new MS Teams channel or use an existing one. 

Beta functionality: Ability to initiate conversations from Freshservice 

  1. Navigate to the ‘Collaborate’ widget and click on ‘Start New’ under Teams. 

  2. You’ll see two options: select an existing MS Teams channel or create a new one on MS Teams to start the conversation. 

    1. If you want to select an existing channel, choose the team you want to include and the existing channel's name. 

    2. If you want to create a new channel, choose the team you want to include, name the channel and add a description

  1. Click ‘Start’. 

  2. You’ll land on MS Teams with a snapshot of the ticket and the ability to converse with members added to the channel. 

  3. The link to the MS teams conversation would be appended to the collaborate widget so that any agent with access to the channel can navigate the conversation from Freshservice.