Service management teams often need to relay information about org-wide changes or essential announcements to large groups of people. The most effective way to do this is by broadcasting information on channels that your employees frequent, like collaboration platforms. 

With ServiceBot, admins can now post announcements on Slack. Your employees can receive announcements as direct messages or on channels they are a part of.

Where do you find it?

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard pane by clicking on from the side pane

  2. Click on New Announcement

  3. You can now start setting up your announcement

Step 1: Draft your announcement content

Define the title and description for the announcement content that you want to publish for your audience. 

Note: The character limit for titles is 255 characters. 

Step 2: Schedule an announcement

  • Schedule the start date/time and end date/time for your announcement to be published

  • The end date is applicable only for announcements on the end-user portal

Step 3: Choose your audience

  • Choose who has to receive Emails, slack notifications and portal announcements when you publish the announcement. You can publish it for all agents and requesters or specific agent groups, requester groups, and departments. 

Note: Announcements will be published on the end-user portal, the agent portal, and as emails and direct messages to the selected audience.

Step 4: Pick your channels

Publish your announcements on the channels of your choice or as emails to specific people.

Email: Add email addresses for people (within and outside your organization) to whom you want to send out these announcements apart from the audience chosen in the previous step.

Portal: Enable this toggle if you want the announcements to be published on the end-user portal and the agent portal.

Slack: Pick channels with ServiceBot enabled for the announcement to be relayed to a larger audience.

Announcements on a Public Channel

Announcements via Direct messages


  • For the audience chosen in Step 3, the announcement will be sent as direct messages.

  • You can choose other channels with ServiceBot enabled to relay the same announcement in Step 4.

  • Only Channels with ServiceBot enabled will be available to pick from in Step 4.

  • To send out an announcement as yourself, you need to have ServiceBot enabled in your Slack account.