Note: This feature will be available in Beta from June 10, 2023 onwards.


The Status Page enables you to proactively keep your customers updated about the status of your services. This feature can be used to for all Incidents and Major Incidents. 

New users of Status Page

1. Head to Admin >>> Channels >>> Status Page

2. Choose a name and a url for the Status Page

3. Once you create and publish your Status page, you can configure the services whose health status you want to post about. You can do that by clicking on Configure Status page > Add services – individually or grouped – to publish on the Status Page.

4. As and when you add services, the preview pane on the right will display what the page will look like to your subscribers.

5. Give a name to the group, and choose whether to add services or subgroups and add services to those subgroups.

6. The preview pane on the right will show you the hierarchy of services as per the way you organize them. In this example, AU data center is the main group which has a subgroup named Web App under which Reports and Dashboard services are listed. 

7. Now that you have set up the Status Page, add its subscribers. Head to Admin >>> Status Page >>> Manage Subscribers


8. You can either add one or multiple subscribers by adding their emails. To add subscribers by email, type out their email address and select the services that they need to be subscribed to.

Note: Freshservice provides double verification for adding a subscriber to Status Page. After you add a subscriber, they would receive an email asking them to verify their email address. Only if they click on the given link to confirm that the given email address is indeed their and is correct, will they receive status updates. 


9. Your subscribers would want to be notified about incident development. Configure email notifications for subscribers by heading to Admin >> Email Notifications.

10. Scroll down and configure the conditions based on which your subscribers would receive email notifications.

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