With improving employee engagement and productivity being top priorities for CIOs, the challenge to find the right tools to enable the same while optimizing IT costs in these uncertain economic headwinds remains open. Finding the right-sized AI and automation-powered tools to build efficient and scalable  IT service organizations with engaged employees, productive agents, and informed decision-makers remains a challenge. 

Not anymore! Introducing Freddy-AI to help you re-imagine service operations. With right-sized, enterprise-grade, and generative-AI powered Freddy-AI empower and build a high-performing workforce using the following:

  • Freddy Self service: Instant conversational support for quick resolution
  • Freddy Copilot: Agent productivity and efficiency tools for smart service operations
  • Freddy Insights: Proactive insights for quick decision-making.


Where can you find them?

  1. Navigate to Admin > Freddy AI > Freddy 
  2. Enable the toggle for features you want to explore.

GPT-based features for Freshservice

Freddy Self Service

With Freddy self-service, resolve incidents and service requests with generative AI-powered virtual agents that are ready to start helping on day one. 

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Freddy Copilot

Enable AI-assistance to increase agent productivity, automate responses, and drive consistency of service across the team.

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Freddy Insights 

Gain new visibility into IT performance with AI-powered conversational inquiries and automatically generated recommendations.

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