Single Workspace

By default, any Freshservice account is created with a single workspace which is also the primary workspace of the service desk. This workspace contains all the required settings to manage the account such as user management, plans & billing, field settings, etc.

Multiple Workspaces

As soon as more than one workspace is added to the service desk, a section called Global Settings is introduced to allow admins to centrally manage key operations such as user management, plans & billing, field settings, etc. 

Modules such as Field Manager, Email Notifications, Workflow Automator, etc. will also have a global equivalent, and settings added here will be applied to each workspace in the account respectively.

This is accompanied by elevation and restriction of agent permissions as well. 

  • Elevation: Agents with the “Play God with Super Admin Controls” permission also known as “Admins” and “Account Admins” will be elevated to “Account-wide Admins automatically. This means that they will be able to control the admin settings at the account-wide level as well as within each workspace.
  • Restriction: Any other agent with admin permissions other than “Play God” will continue to remain admins within the first workspace and will not get access to the second workspace automatically. However, the following permissions can only be granted at an account-wide level in a multi-workspace account:

View Virtual Agent Reports

Edit Virtual Agent Reports

Manage Virtual Agent Reports

Configure Asset Management

Edit Requesters

Assume Requester Identity

Delete Requester

Create/Edit Departments

Delete Department

Configure Financial Management

If any agent has a role assigned that contains these permissions, they will no longer be able to access them unless granted explicity again. For example: A user has an admin role assigned that contains two permissions:

  1. Manage Workflows

  2. Create Departments

In an account with multiple workspaces, ‘Manage Workflows’ can be granted within a specific workspace as well at an account-wide level. ‘Create Departments’ can only be granted at an account-wide level. Since before the second workspace was created, the user’s permissions were limited to the first workspace, the same is applied after the second workspace is created. However, since “Create Departments” can only be granted at an account-wide level going forward, the user will no longer be able to access the setting unless access is granted explicitly once again.

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