(Only relevant for accounts that signed up before 12th December 2022)

Agent Experience

Single workspace setup: Except for the updated terminologies that will now be used during the ticket creation process, agents will not notice any difference in service desk operations when these capabilities are released. 

Multi-workspace setup: When the admin adds a second workspace, agents will be able to view the workspace their tickets, tasks, etc belong to and move them to another workspace.

Requester Experience

Single workspace setup: Requesters will not notice any difference when these capabilities are released to your account. 

Multi-workspace setup: When you add and publish a second workspace, requesters will be able to view service items and solution articles from both workspaces in your current support portal. In addition to this, you can give them the ability to select a workspace and report an issue or provide a generic “report an issue” form that directs all issues to the primary workspace or the first workspace. Such issues can be routed to the right Workspace later using workflows.

Admin Experience:

Single workspace setup: Admins will now see their existing settings under a workspace called “My Team”. The settings will continue to function as expected, and admins can update the workspace name and logo if required from “Manage Workspaces”. Apart from the new capabilities mentioned in the previous section, admins will not notice any difference in experience when there’s a single workspace in the account. 


Multi-workspace setup: There are specific changes that take place when a second workspace is added to the account. Learn more about those changes here.