Resolve incidents faster by collaborating from within the incident detail page with Zoom Meetings. Freshservice enables users to collaborate using popular apps such as Zoom Meetings through integrations powered by the Freshworks Neo Platform. Read on to understand how to set-up and use Zoom Meetings in Freshservice.

Set up Zoom Meetings

  1. To install Zoom Meetings head to Admin >> Collaborate.


2. Install Zoom Meetings from the options provided.

3. Proceed to authorize your Zoom account to function in Freshservice.

4. Sign in when prompted by Zoom.

5. Once you sign in, you'll see Zoom Meetings listed in the apps that are ready for use in the Collaborate section.

6. Head to an incident detail page. You'll notice Zoom Meetings in the Collaborate section in the right side panel. 

7. To generate a meeting url select Create Meeting, and share the url with your team members. 

8. To keep the conversation going beyond a single meeting, you can generate a new meeting URL. A pop-up will warn you about the action replacing the existing URL with a new URL. Proceed if you want to continue. 

Delinking your Freshservice and Zoom accounts

There are two steps to delinking your accounts in Freshservice & Zoom.

  1. Via Freshservice

    1. Head to Admin >> Collaborate

    2. Click on 'Uninstall' under Zoom app


3. The tool will ask you to confirm if you want to proceed.  Click 'Uninstall' if you want to continue.

4. Once you click on 'Uninstall', the pane will show the app as one of the options available for installation.

Note: When you first uninstall Zoom from your Freshservice account, Freshservice will automatically be delinked from your Zoom account in the Zoom Marketplace.


2. Via Zoom

  1. Visit and head over to 'Manage'


2. 'Remove' Freshservice from the list of apps

3. A pop-up will ask you to confirm your decision. Click on 'Remove'.

Now your Zoom account is delinked with your Freshservice account.

Note: To ensure that your Zoom data is deleted from Freshservice, kindly raise a ticket or head to Admin >> Collaborate and uninstall the integration.