How can a user access the change calendar?

There are two ways for a user to access the change calendar:

  1. Click on ‘My Work’ menu on the top navigation bar > Click on Work Calendar > Select Changes from the module dropdown

  1. From the change module, the user can access the Change calendar.

The Change calendar has three additional functionalities as compared to other modules in the Work Calendar.


  • Users can apply filters with many options to slice and dice data and accordingly the changes appear in the calendar view

  • When the user visits the change calendar from the ‘Change’ module, the  filters applied in the work calendar are the same as the ‘Change’ module. If the user directly lands on the work calendar, all filters are reset by default and the user can see only the changes assigned to them.

Filter behavior on switching between change calendar and calendars of other modules

Since only changes have additional filters, this is how the default view for other modules will be affected when agents or agent groups are filtered in the change calendar.

For example, a user views the calendar for Change module and filters multiple agents.

When the module is changed to the Problem module, the user will view the calendar for the first agent that was selected in the change module filter. 

If the Change calendar has multiple groups and no agents, the view for any other module upon switching will default to the first group selected.

If the Change calendar has both agent as well as group filters, the view for any other module will default to the first agent selected.

Change Calendar Data Exports

Data exports from the Change Calendar can be done in two formats: ICS & PDF.

For data exports, start dates and end dates can be chosen. There are additional filters like Changes, Maintenance window, Blackout window and CAB meetings available during exporting data.

Scheduling CAB meetings and windows

The Schedule button can be used to schedule a maintenance window, blackout window and CAB meetings and see them on the Change calendar.

Access the below links to learn more on:

  • Scheduling Maintenance and Blackout windows: 

  • Scheduling CAB meetings: