With Servicebot enabled on Slack, enable your agents to resolve tickets where work happens. Here's what your agents can do on Slack using Servicebot:

1. Ticket Creation

The ServiceBot lets you create tickets in multiple ways. You can quickly create incidents from message actions, using the Shortcuts [⚡] icon or from the search bar.

You can create and assign tickets to agents directly from Slack.

2. Home Tab:  

Authorized Freshservice agents can see the open tickets assigned to them, giving them full visibility right from Slack. Agents can also choose to edit the ticket properties and add notes from the tab.

3. Collaboration:

 Agents can collaborate and quickly resolve tickets, right within their Slack channels. Replies to tickets are added as private notes to the Freshservice ticket thread to preserve the conversation’s context.

Notes & replies from Freshservice to Slack is restricted to 250 characters currently.

4. Quick Ticket Actions

The Bot allows agents to quickly update ticket properties and add notes using the edit ticket option. Agents can stay ahead of their SLAs by quickly replying to tickets right from their slack channels.

5. Notifications

Each and every ticket is associated with a separate thread in slack for easier tracking. Notifications are added in the respective channel’s thread as replies when ticket properties are updated from Slack as well as from Freshservice

You can paste a Freshservice ticket in the channel or the thread message pane to quickly post a ticket. The ticket will get unfurled with all the ticket information and options to edit the ticket.

6. @mention your virtual agent on the slack channel: 

Having your Freshservice Virtual Agent configured for use on Slack can help you respond quickly and in a timely fashion to your employee service requests. Introducing the capability to @mention your Virtual Agent on slack channels and get queries resolved in personal messages and channels and get immediate responses.