Here is how you can ensure that your service items are pulled as relevant responses to your employees' queries:

Set up the right Service items 

  1. Add specific titles

Add the primary keyword(s) i.e., the specific service that employees will ask to find this item 


Github Access”, “Apple Developer Access”, “New user Request”, “Assistance with tax computation”

  1. Add comprehensible descriptions

- Deliver overall understanding of the service

- Easily understandable


Graphics software for digital graphics, illustrations, and typography creation. Supported platforms: Windows 8, Windows 7

  1. Capture additional information in short description

Add additional phrases that are not captured in the title but point to the same service item.


- For service item MS Office: Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Outlook, Visio

  1. Avoid duplication

Title, short description, and long descriptions should not be duplicates of each other