Note: Applicable only for accounts in which workspaces have been enabled.

If your organization has just one support email for all the departments, here's how you can configure it and direct incoming emails to the right departments:
  • Add the support email in the primary workspace.
  • Navigate to Admin > Global settings > Workflow automator
  • Add a workflow rule to assign incoming email requests to the right workspace. For example, here's a workflow for routing tickets to the HR workspace:
  1. Event = Ticket is raised
  2. Conditions = Source is Email, and Subject contains HR keywords (Payroll/Benefits/Leave, etc.)
  3. Action = Move ticket to HR workspace

You can add similar conditions and action nodes for all your teams.

Any incoming email will now be assigned to the primary workspace, and the global workflow configuration will route the ticket to the destination workspace. 

Once the ticket reaches the destination workspace and the agent replies, the response will be sent using that workspace's primary email. 

Each workspace comes with a default primary email of its own - Admins can either update this email or add a new one and mark it as 'primary'.