This enhancement allows the requesters to edit a request they raise post-rejection. 

Additionally, we have upgraded the service request approval process. Here are the enhancements: 

  • Enhanced email notifications

  • New approval section* in the support portal for requesters.

  • Business rules support in the portal for Service Items and Approval statuses

Note: New approval section in the support portal will be available only for accounts without ticket rebranding. If you have rebranded the support portal, please raise a ticket to

Configuring editable properties

Fields marked under these properties can only be edited by the Requesters. In order to initiate the configuration head-on to Admin -> General Settings -> Service Catalog

Step 1: Select the Service item. In this case, Adobe Illustrator CC 

Step 2: Once you are inside the individual service item, go to Custom Fields

Step 3:  Hover over the field properties, and click on it. You need to check “Displayed to Requester” in order to enable “Requester can edit” access.

Step 4: Select/Check “Requester can edit.” And press Done in order to save your changes.

This will enable the edit access for “Design Team” field in the support portal for requesters (post service request rejection by approvers).

Requesters Editing the Service Requests

We can continue the same example of the “Adobe Illustrator CC” configuration. In this case, the requester’s request for Adobe Illustrator CC has been rejected by the approver because of version unavailability.

Admin can also enable email notifications for requesters to receive a nudge about their service requests' approval or rejection over an email.

Email Notifications for Requesters

Step 1: Admin -> Email Notifications -> Tickets -> “Requester Notification” -> Toggle Service Request Approved or Rejected.

Step 2: (optional) You can configure this email body as well.

Click on Service Request Approved or Rejected to modify.

Once the email notification is enabled, requesters will start receiving an email about the rejection or approval of the service request. In case of rejection, they can click on the ticket URL and visit the support portal to check further details.

With the enhanced approval section in the support portal service, the requester can see the approval/rejection with a reason. 

New Approvers Layout in Service Portal

Step 1: The requester can head to the right-hand side, “Approvals” section, to see the approver rejection reason and can modify the service request ticket. 

This will save requesters time since they don’t need to create a new request. They can just edit the fields rather than create a new ticket.

Note: New approver section in the support portal will be available only for accounts without ticket rebranding. If you have, please raise a ticket to

Requester Editing the Service Requests at the Support Portal

Step 1: As the requester, know the reason for the service request rejection with the help of new approval section. They can update the version as per the availability.

Note: “Version” as a form field should be made editable by the admin by following the steps suggested in the “Configuring editable properties” section.


Step 2: The Requester can hit the edit button “pencil icon” to edit the service request form properties.

In this case, modifying the “Adobe Illustrator CC” version from 20.3 to 20.6