To empower our power users of AWS cloud with more advanced cloud discovery and management solutions, we will be upgrading you to the AWS Cloud discovery application. As a part of this new upgrade, we will deprecate the Amazon Web Services ( Native AWS app) application from our marketplace on 31 May 2023.

Please uninstall the Amazon Web Services application and install the AWS Cloud discovery application by 31 May 2023  to avoid disruptions due to this deprecation.

What’s new? 
1. More cloud resources discovered.

Discover more resources and build a backbone of infrastructure information to add more context for IT teams.


Load Balancer *

Security Groups *

OS Templates and Images

Networks (VPCs) and Subnets *

Network Interfaces *

Elastic IP *

Instances and  Volumes

* With new cloud discovery, the extended cloud resources are auto-discovered

2. Unified Cloud catalog

Streamline your employees' cloud requests with a self-service cloud catalog that streamlines processes, automates request fulfillment, and provides a single point of contact for all cloud requests.

3.  Agentless Cloud operations

Eliminate manual and repetitive cloud processes for your teams and deliver an effortless employee experience by automating provisioning, de-provisioning, and other cloud workload operations using the AWS Orchestration app. Learn more 

What should you do?

For a seamless migration, please ensure you are uninstalling the Amazon Web Services application and installing the AWS Cloud Discovery to continue discovering AWS cloud resources. 

  1. Explore the auto-discovered resources in your inventory

    After installing the AWS Cloud Discovery app, you will find all new resources discovered in your inventory under the Cloud asset type

  2. What happens to the assets discovered via the Native AWS app? What should be done?

    The assets that were discovered via the Native AWS app will still be listed under the Cloud → AWS asset type. To avoid discrepancies in reports, you could perform any one of the following actions.

  • Create a backup of Native AWS assets by exporting them and then deleting those assets.

  • If you have configured any custom fields for the assets discovered via the Native AWS app, kindly use the export and import functionality to map those custom fields to the newly discovered assets, followed by deleting the Native AWS assets. Learn how to import cloud assets.

                             Upgrade to AWS Cloud Discovery and Operations 

Need assistance?

Our teams can assist if you have questions about the migration or encounter challenges while upgrading to AWS Cloud discovery. Please reach out to, and we’d be happy to assist you anytime!