For details on sharing tickets with agents, click here.


Requesters can share service requests and tickets with their subordinates. Once shared, they will be able to view and update the details of the ticket. For example, imagine a new employee raising a ticket to procure a few assets for his WFH setup. It is getting delayed, so he wants to loop in his manager to look at the ticket status. 

Setting up a ticket sharing
Navigate to Global Settings > Security to configure ticket-sharing abilities. Additionally, you’ll be able to configure ticket sharing with any users or restrict it to users within the same department. 

Requesters sharing a ticket from the support portal

Note: In case you have rebranded/modified the ticket details page, you will not be able to see the new share experience in the support portal. You can either revert to the default (latest) version, or raise a support ticket for our team to enable it.

Open the ticket that you want to share.

Step 1: Select "Share".

Step 2: This action will prompt a dialog box enabling the requester to look for people in the search bar or share the ticket using a public shareable link. 

Step 3: Requesters can choose the agents or requesters and hit the share button to share the ticket. 

Step 4: Alternatively, requesters can ‘CC’ required people by using the ‘Add CC’ button. 

Requesters accessing the shared tickets 

If the ticket is shared with other Requesters, they can view it from their portal.


1. Can I view changes associated with my department?

Yes, to enable this, the admin has to additionally enable it on a user level.

Navigate to:
User Management -> Requesters -> More -> Edit Requester -> Select Department -> Enable tickets and changes 

Once this option is enabled, the user can view the tickets associated with that specific department

2. Can Agents view all changes within their department?

No only requesters can be enabled to view all the changes in the department.

3. Can I unshare my ticket or SR with anyone?

Yes, you can click on the Share button to view the list of people the ticket has been shared with. You can then click on ‘Remove’ next to the person you’d like to stop sharing.

4. What actions can a shared ticket take?

Once a ticket is shared with a person, they will receive an email notification. If notifications are enabled, they will get incremental notifications too. They can view all the tickets shared with them from the "Shared with me" view. They can view and add a note to the ticket. 

5. What will happen if the admin disables the sharing ticket in the account for requesters?

This will be reflected in all the subsequent actions, and the tickets that are shared will continue to be shared with the respective people.

6. Who can I share the ticket with?

Add people: Only people in the account and also only using the primary email address.

7. How many people can I share the ticket with?

A maximum of 50 email IDs can be added to the ticket or as a watcher.