1. Freshservice account admin can click on Admin -->Account Settings--> Plans & Billing to view the subscription details. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > Account Settings > Plans & BillingAlternatively, if you are viewing the subscriptions list on the “All Subscriptions” page, click on any subscription to view its specific details. 

  2. On the subscription details page, click “Edit” against “Plan and users” in the left-section or click on the Manage Plan button at the bottom to modify your subscription details.

  3. To change the subscription’s plan, click Change Plan. Review the features and addons available for all the plans from "Choose a plan page." Click Buy Plan across the plan of your choice. 

  4. Change the billing frequency by selecting the required value from the Billing cycle dropdown. Specify the number of agent licenses to be purchased, select the required addons and their license quantities from the Add-ons section.

  5. The Prorated Transaction Value displays the additional amount to be paid for the requested subscription changes for the rest of the billing period. 

For example, if you are on the Enterprise monthly plan with 1 agent currently (paying USD 150) and in the mid of the current billing period, you increase the no of agents to 2, then the prorated value will be 0.5* Agent license cost (=0.5*150= 75 USD).

  1. Review the Subscription summary section on the right side. The Total Cost displays the next billing amount for your subscription. 

  2. Click on Update Subscription to proceed with the changes. Click Confirm on the confirmation pop-up.

  3. A confirmation message will be shown when the subscription change request is processed successfully, along with the updated subscription details. To view the invoices click on “View invoices for this subscription.”