Note: Freshservice account signups, created effective from September 2022, can view and manage their subscriptions in the Neo Admin Center. Those created prior will get updates in the subsequent months.

  1. A Freshservice account admin can click on Admin → Account Settings → Plans & Billing which launches a new tab where all the subscriptions to be managed are displayed.


  1. In the My Subscriptions tab, view the current plan details along with the trial expiration date.


  1. Click on Manage Trial to manage trial subscription details. You will be redirected to the subscription edit page to modify subscription details.


  1. Select Change Plan to choose a different plan of your choice. You will be redirected to Choose a plan page to review the features and add-ons available. 


  1. To change the billing cycle, select the required value from the Billing dropdown. Click Switch trial for the plan of your choice and select confirm to proceed with the plan change.

    Note: If you choose a lower plan, a pop-up will show the features and data you will lose if you switch to that plan.

  2. View the plan selected on the subscription edit page. Other subscription details like the number of agent licenses can also be modified on the same page.


  1. In the Add Ons available for trial, select the required add-ons and specify their license quantities.


  1. Click on Confirm to proceed with the changes. Any changes made to a trial subscription will be applied immediately.


  1. The updated subscription details can be viewed on the My Subscriptions tab once your subscription change request is processed.