Note: Freshservice account signups, created effective September 2022, can view and manage their subscriptions in the Neo Admin Center. Those created prior will get updates in the subsequent months. 

A Freshservice Account Admin can click on Admin → Account Settings → Plans & Billing, which launches a new tab where all the subscriptions to be managed are displayed. The subscription details are shown in three tabs:

  1. My Subscriptions: This tab shows a list of all the subscriptions in the Freshworks organization for which a user has permission to manage. Users can expand each subscription card to view additional details about add-ons and payment method (if available).

  2. Invoices: This tab shows all the invoices of all the subscriptions that can be managed in a single pane. You can view the invoice information, such as invoice ID, generation and due date, status, and invoice amount, and download it.

  3. Addresses: View and modify billing and shipping addresses by selecting the required option from the dropdown menu when you click on the Addresses tab.