Managers have a huge responsibility of ensuring that work gets done efficiently while keeping their team focused, productive, and on track. Managing your team’s workload is not an easy task, but we are here to help.

Manage assigned work

In the workload module, click on a person's name to expand their workload. This will show you:

  1. The count of planned and unplanned work assigned to the person.

  2. The person's work displayed on a calendar from its planned start date to its planned end date.

  3. An option to manage the workload of the person.

Let’s understand each one of them in detail:

a. Count of planned and unplanned work

  • Planned work: This gives you information of all the open and in-progress work that has been assigned to the user and planned completely by entering the planned dates and effort.
  • Unplanned work: This gives you information of all the open and in-progress work that has been assigned to the user but not yet planned completely.

b. Calendar view of the work

  • Any work that has at least one of the planned dates will be displayed on the calendar in the form of a Gantt bar. If only one of the dates is present, it will show the work only on that date and its count will be taken into the workload count for the day.

          The color of the Gantt bar indicates the status of the work.

    Note: Due date is not considered while plotting any work.


c. Total workload:

As a manager, you can optimize someone's workload by re-assigning their tasks to someone else who has bandwidth. To manage workload:

  • Click on Total Workload below the person's name.
  • A slider will appear with the list of open and in-progress work that is assigned to the person. You can filter this list based on the type of work it is

  • Hovering on any item will give you the option to quick-assign it to a different person.

  • You can click on the edit icon to view the details of that item


Daily workload view

You can also click on each workload cell to get the list of items that contribute to the workload count or hours. If you do not have access to any item, that item will not appear in the list.


Manage unassigned items

Agents or supervisors can go through the list of work that is unassigned and accessible to them and pick them up or assign them to others. To manage unassigned work:

  • Click on “Unassigned work” on the top-right of the screen.
  • A slider opens up that shows all the work that is not assigned to any agent (it may have an agent group assigned)

  • This list can be sorted on the basis of properties such as a status or created/due by/last updated time.

  • You can filter this list based on the type of work it is. It can be further filtered on the basis of whether it is assigned to an agent group or status by clicking on the filter icon.

  • Similar to the managing assigned workload slider, when you hover on any work that you want to assign, you will get the option to quick-assign it or edit the item’s details.

Bulk Assignments of unassigned work
For Tickets and Tasks, multiple unassigned work items can be bulk assigned by managers to agents or groups based on bandwidth and availability.

For Problems, Changes and Releases, bulk assignment to only agents is possible.

With the 'Pick up' option, one can self assign any unassigned task or group of tasks.

Learn how filters work in Workload Management here.