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Building robust integrations, customizing end-user portals, and sharing data between multiple applications - Freshservice APIs empower you with all this and more.

To empower you better with improved API consistency and enhanced experience, we are deprecating the older version (API V1) by May 31, 2023, to move you to an upgraded version (API V2).

Please stop using the API V1 endpoints and switch over completely to API V2 by May 31, 2023, to avoid disruptions due to this deprecation.

What’s new in API V2

→ New and Enhanced APIs

New APIs for Custom objects, Employee Onboarding, Projects, Business Hours, Purchase orders, Vendors, Products, Locations, and more are now available on API V2. More info  here

→ Higher rate limits

We are moving from hour-based to minute-based rate-limiting to improve API stability and scalability. We will continue to apply these limits on an account-wide basis irrespective of the number of agents or IP addresses used to make the calls. More info here

 Improved error handling

Fix erroneous API requests quickly and accurately with clear HTTP status codes to identify the errors. More info here

What should you do?

Areas of impact

Replace calls to API V1 with calls to the corresponding API V2 endpoints in the following features. After the deprecation date, if you continue using the API V1 in the following features, they will stop working, and all requests made against V1 will fail. 

            → Workflow Automator ( Web Request nodes and “Trigger Webhook” Action nodes)

            → Custom apps

            → Portal Customization 

            → Any custom services or middleware developed using Freshservice APIs

Identify Version 1 APIs

Refer to our API V2 documentation and solution article to understand the new endpoints and migrate your existing API V1 code base to API V2 before the deprecation date of May 31, 2023.

What happens if you don't migrate?

The API V1 endpoints will be inaccessible after May 31, 2023, and will cause your workflows and customizations to break.

Need assistance?

Our teams can assist if you have any questions about the migration or encounter challenges while migrating API calls to V2 endpoints. Please reach out to or your Customer success manager for further assistance.