Following up on the announcement made during the November 2022 release, we have made a few enhancements in the product to replace API V1 calls with the corresponding API V2 calls. 

Will I get impacted by this?

If you have used API V1 endpoints for any of the following actions you will be impacted by this deprecation:

  • To configure your workflows

  • To customize your portal

  • To interact with freshservice instance from any of your custom applications

For more information, refer to THIS solution article. 

Impacted Modules 

  1. Workflow Automator

    API V1 Recommended tags will be populated across all the automators utilizing API V1 endpoints. 

How can I update Workflow Automator?

  • Navigate to Admin → Automation & Productivity → Workflow Automator.

  • Click on the Workflow automator that has “API Update Recommended” tag on it.

  • On opening the workflow, all the nodes that uses v1 endpoints will be highlighted with a red alert (screenshot below)

  • Select the Red alert to view the recommended V2 URL for the corresponding V1 URL. Click   on ‘✓’ icon to update the URL. Finally click on Done button to update the respective node. 

  • Repeat this process for all the highlighted nodes and save the workflow automator

  • For more info refer to the detailed migration guide here

  1. Portal Customization

  • Navigate to Admin →  Rebrand your service desk → Customize. In the Home page designer dropdown, all the sections that are using v1 endpoints will be highlighted.

  • Select a specific section(check out for the alert sign) to identify if there are any v1 endpoints, and update them with the corresponding v2 endpoints. 

  • Click ‘Save’ or ‘Publish Portal’ when you have replaced all the v1 endpoints in your portal customizations

  • For more info refer to the detailed migration guide here

  1. Custom Apps

  • Navigate to Admin → Apps

  • Check for custom apps that are using v1 endpoints and update the corresponding endpoints to v2. 

  • For more info refer to the detailed migration guide here

What happens if I do not update my configurations before May 31, 2023?

  • All the workflow automators, portal customization and custom apps with v1 endpoints will stop working and your configurations will start failing