We have introduced a new module called ‘Approvals’ in Freshservice Analytics. Now you can create metrics and reports on approvals and approvers associated with your Tickets and Changes. 

The new Approvals module in Freshservice analytics is a quick and easy way to track and improve the total time taken for any approval and quicken the entire approval process. This will help to reduce the time taken to resolve the tickets and improve your service-desk metrics.

In the approval module, users can track the following metrics:

  • Total number of approvals in the system

  • Time taken to approve in Calendar hours (Average, Min, Max, Sum)

  • Elapsed time since Approval Pending in Calendar hours (Average, Min, Max, Sum)

Apart from these metrics, there are many attributes related to approvals and approver(s), which  the users can use for filters and group-by to track the metrics at different levels.

How to create an Approval Widget:

To create a widget to measure and track approval metrics, users can:

  • Click on Add Chart option on the reports page to which you want to add the metric


Click on the + icon (Add widget) and drag the Add Chart option on the reports page

  • New Widget option will appear on the screen

  • Add the Name of the widget and select Module > Approvals

  • In the widgets page select the metric and which you want to calculate

  • Add filters and group-by options for deep-dive

Access Privilege:


At least one of the following conditions needs to be satisfied for the agent to view the approval's data in analytics:

  • Agent has access to view the associated ticket/change

  • Agent is the approver for the approval

  • Agent is the delegatee for the approval

Use Cases:


  1. Average approval time per approver

  1. # of pending approvals per approver