Perform operations on virtual machines, virtual networks, disks, images and subnets in Azure


Orchestration apps let you automate repeatable tasks and actions that span across a diverse set of systems and applications using workflows. The list of actions supported for this app include:

Virtual Machine Management

  1. Get Vm Instance Details

  2. Power Off Instance

  3. Start Instance

  4. Redeploy Instance

  5. Deallocate Instance

  6. Delete Instance

  7. Restart Instance

  8. Resize Instance

  9. Generalize Instance

  10. Create Virtual Machine

Disk Management

  1. Attach Existing Managed Disk

  2. Get Disk Details

  3. Detach Disk

Public IP Management

  1. Get Public IP Details

  2. Delete Public IP

Virtual Network Management

  1. Get Virtual Network

  2. Update Virtual Network Tags

  3. Delete Virtual Network

  4. Get Subnet

  5. Delete Subnet

Image Management

  1. Get Image

  2. Delete Image

  3. Create Image From Instance


  1. Azure Active Directory App should be created

  1. Once you login into your account on the Azure portal, navigate to search for “Azure Active Directory”. 
  2. On the active directory page in the left side panel go to App Registrations > “New registration” > Enter name of your app > “Register”

Note that we will be granting permissions for resources under a subscription to this app.

B. Permissions to resources under subscription should be granted

You have to assign permissions for your Azure Active Directory app (created in Prerequisite A) which you will use to authenticate your calls to Azure. 

Go to the Azure portal, search for “Subscriptions''. Select your active subscription.

  1. Click on “Access control (IAM)” 

  2. Select “Role assignments” 

  3. Click “Add” 

  4. Select “Add role assignment” 

  5. Select the role “Contributor” 

  6. In the “Select” dropdown, search for the app name created in Prerequisite(A) 

  7. Save. 

Now the app will have access to the resources under your active subscription.


Installation Parameters

  1. Client ID

  2. Key (Secret Key)

  3. Tenant ID

Installation Parameters Description

All installation parameters can be found in the Azure portal.

Once you login into your account on the Azure portal

  1. Navigate to search for “Azure Active Directory”. 

  2. On the active directory page, in the left side panel, click on Overview > Copy “Tenant ID”.

  3. App Registrations > Open App > Copy “Application (client) ID

  4. App Registrations > Certificates & secrets (left panel) > Click on “New client secret” > Copy “Value”, which is your secret key.

Where can I find the “Subscription ID”?
In Azure portal, search "Subscriptions" > Click on your active Subscription > Copy Subscription ID.