Perform operations on MS Exchange Online calendar and mail via the Workflow Automator.


Orchestration apps let you automate repeatable tasks and actions that span across a diverse set of systems and applications using workflows. The list of actions supported for this app include:

Calendar Management

  1. Create Calendar Event

  2. Create Recurring Calendar Events

  3. Delete Calendar Event

  4. Update Calendar Event

  5. Lookup Calendar Event


 Mail Management

  1. Delete Message


To install and authenticate the app you need to provide the following input:  

  1. Config Name

  • The config name is the unique identifier for the account credentials added in the app.

  1. Client ID

  • Navigate to “Azure Active Directory”

  • Go to App Registrations (if you don’t have an existing App, create a new app registration)

  • Then open your App 

  • Copy “Application (client) ID”

  1. Key (Secret Key)

  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory

  • Go to App Registrations 

  • Then, “Certificates & secrets” (left panel)

  • Click on “New client secret” 

  • Copy the Secret Key given as “Value”.

  1. Active Directory Domain

  • Navigate to  Azure Active Directory 

  • Go to Overview

  • Copy Primary Domain / Tenant Id.

Steps to assign permissions

  1. Navigate to Azure Active Directory

  2. Go to App Registrations

  3. Select your app 

  4. Go to API Permissions

  5. Click on “Add Permissions” 

  6. Then, “Microsoft Graph” 

  7. Then, “Application Permissions”

  8. Assign the following permissions to your app:

        i. Calendars.ReadWrite

        ii. Mail.ReadWrite

  1. Make sure you "Grant admin consent" for all the permissions you assign.


Now that you've successfully installed the Microsoft Exchange orchestration app, please have a look at the sample use case below to show how the app can be used efficiently.