Perform operations on account, users, envelopes and attach documents to your Freshservice tickets, and manage DocuSign usage in Freshservice.


The DocuSign app lets you automate repeatable actions within Freshservice and also helps you track accurate usage information for SaaS Management. 


Orchestration apps give you the ability to automate several repeatable actions that span across a diverse set of systems by performing specific actions with Freshservice Workflows. With the DocuSign app you can perform actions for:

User Management

  1. Create User

  2. Delete User

  3. Get User with Filters

Envelope Management

  1. Get Document ID by Name

  2. Get Custom Field ID

  3. Get Custom Field Value

  4. Set Custom Field Value

  5. Send Envelope

  6. Add Signer Recipient to Envelope

  7. Create Draft Envelope with Template

Document Management

  1. Attach Document to Freshservice Ticket Note

  2. Attach Document to Freshservice Ticket


For the attachment actions, this app will temporarily store the DocuSign document on the Freshservice server. The document will be deleted as soon as the attachment attempt is completed.

Saas Management

This integration requires the SaaS Management Add-on. More details can be found here.

Freshservice’s integration with DocuSign for SaaS Management enables you to track and manage users using DocuSign directly within Freshservice. Integrating with DocuSign enables you to:

  • Track users using DocuSign and how frequently they use it (not just by login, but also by how they create/update files in DocuSign) to identify inactive users for de-provisioning

To use this integration for SaaS Management, 

  • Enable the SaaS Discovery toggle and provide the Freshservice Domain Name & the Agent API Key.
    Note: To know more about what SaaS Discovery is, click here.
  • Click Verify
  • Once the verification is successful, Click Add and complete the installation by clicking on Install. 
    The first sync might take a couple of hours depending on your data load.

Installation Instructions


Docusign requires you to first set up an integration in the development environment and ensure that the integration is up and running before promoting the integration to production via their review process.


1. Sign In to your Docusign developer account 

2. Go to "Settings"

3. On the left side panel under the "Integrations" section click on "Apps and Keys".

4. If you do not have an "App & Integration key" already. Click on, "Add App & Integration Key" and type in the desired name for the app.

5. On the next screen, in the "Authentication" section, 

i.   Select "Authorization Code Grant"

ii.  Click on "Generate RSA" and note down the "Private key". 

iii. Under the "Additional Settings" section, click on "Add URI", enter "http://localhost" and click on "Save".

Installation Parameters

To find the installation parameters required to set up Doscusign orchestration, go to "Settings", on the left side panel, under the "Integrations" section click on "Apps and Keys". 

  1. Account ID - Copy the "API Account ID"

  2. API Username - Copy the "API Username"

Once you copy the above parameters, click on "Actions" and then "Edit" for your app.

  1. Integration Key - Copy the "Integration Key"

  2. Private Key - This parameter should be copied when you are creating a new RSA keypair as mentioned under Prerequisites section point 5(ii)

  3. Is Production Account - This will be "true" if you're using a production account otherwise it'll be set to "false" in the case of a developer account.

The following two parameters are required for attaching documents to your Freshservice tickets as either a note or directly to a new ticket.

  1. Freshservice Domain - The domain of your Freshservice tenant. 

Example: demo.freshservice.com

  1. Freshservice API Key - Login to your Freshservice tenant. Click on your profile icon then "Profile Settings" on the right side pane, under "Your API Key" complete the captcha and copy your API key.

The below GIF demonstrates the step on installation parameters 

Granting Consent

After successfully entering your installation parameters, you’ll need to grant consent to the app. Clicking on the Add button will open up a new tab where you must grant consent to the app. The GIF below illustrates these steps.

Promote DocuSign Integration to Production

Now that we’ve set up our integration in the dev environment, we can begin the process to promote this integration to the production account. 

The steps to do this are enlisted below 

  1. Click on the launcher icon from the app’s installation page to initiate API calls on behalf of the user. Docusign requires at least 20 consecutive successful API calls to promote the integration. You can use the API Dashboard  to confirm the number of successful requests made. 

  2. In the e-signature admin (developer account, https://account-d.docusign.com/), request a Go-Live review. Reviews may take up to 20 minutes.

  1. Once the review is complete, you could see the status as ‘Review Pass’ on the DocuSign portal. Click on ‘Select Go-Live Account’ from the ACTION menu, and select the appropriate account

  1. After selecting a production account, the key's status will change to Pending Approval. You do not need to take any action at this point. Your key will be promoted within three business days of reaching this status.

  2. Once your key has been promoted, you will receive an email notification and the key's status will change to Live, indicating the key is enabled in the production environment.

  3. Post the successful promotion, You have to configure new credentials of production account in the orchestration app

Follow the instructions mentioned below.

  1. Login to DocuSign production account.(https://admin.docusign.com/)

  2. Go to "Settings", on the left side panel, under the "Integrations" section click on "Apps and Keys". 

  3. Account ID - Copy the "API Account ID"

  4. API Username / User ID - Copy the "API Username or User ID"

  5. Once you copy the above parameters, click on "Actions" and then "Edit" for your app.

  1. Integration Key - Copy the "Integration Key"

        Note: IK will be same, across developer and production account

  1. Generate RSA Keypairs (ID), and copy Private Key

  2. Set Is Production Account to true

  3. Freshservice Domain - The domain of your Freshservice tenant. Example: yourcompany.freshservice.com

  4. Freshservice API Key - Login to your Freshservice tenant. Click on your profile icon then "Profile Settings" on the right side pane, you will see ‘Your API Key’.

For detailed steps to promote the integration to the production environment, you can refer to this video or this detailed documentation.


Now that you've successfully installed the DocuSign orchestration app, please have a look at the sample use case below to show how the app can be used efficiently.